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Original Equipment Manufacturer ford explorer tire pressure with great price

Original Equipment Manufacturer ford explorer tire pressure with great price

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  • Driving Recorder,Jump Starter,Car Air Purifier,Emergency Hammer,TPMS
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  • Hualangjia Industrial Park, Weizai Neighborhood, Kukeng Village, Guanlan Town, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Product Detail

Quick Details
  • Place Of Origin:guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:voocaro
  • Model Number:v8052-0663
  • Anti Stolen:yes
  • Certificatin:ce; Rohs; E Mark
  • Tpms Transmission Power:10dbm
  • Transmission Frequency:433mhz
  • Input Voltage:9-30v
  • Working Temperature:-40 - 80 Degree Celsius

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Original Equipment Manufacturer ford explorer tire pressure with great price

This TPMS monitor pressure and temperature both

internal sensor






ThisTPMS system is capable of measuring tire pressures, and temperatures.

With an internal shock sensor, the device can detect motion.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a safety feature that updates drivers on their tire pressure level and temperature from within the comfort of the car cabin. Safety electronics in automobiles enhance passenger safety.



Product Overviews

Wireless tire pressure and temperature monitoring system
a) 2.8" LCD

b) monitor tire pressure
b) 100% DIY installation
c) monitoer temperature also

e)Measures dual-axis acceleration

TPMS (tire pressure monitor system)



Compatible cars (picture)



Product Effects

Benefit from TPMS

Bad driving habit: 

i. Drivers check tire pressures once a month and do not view properly inflated tires as a critical component of the automobile operations.
ii. Over 80% of tire pressure loss occurs gradually many times without the driver noticing.

Risks are listed below when tire pressures are not optimal.

a) Avoiding traffic accidents due to under-inflated tires by early recognition of the malfunction of tires
b) As a tire increases in temperature, the construction of the tire weakens and the possibility of side wall failure increases

When a tire is over inflated, the tire treads do not sit squarely on the pavement causing decreases in traction and high possibilities of hydroplaning on wet roads.


A. Save fuel and gasoline 

Reducing rolling resistance thus increasing overall fuel efficiency.
For every 1 bar (3 PSI) loss from optimal tire pressure, fuel consumption increases by 1%~2%.
This system update tires pressure live-time. When tires pressure loss much from optimal pressure, please inflate tires to optimal pressure.
Helps keep your tires in optimal pressure helping to deliver maximum safety with maximum fuel efficiency.


B. Safety on-the-drive 

Many major fatal car accidents (according to statistics) on highways are attributed to improperly inflated tires.
The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a safety feature that updates drivers on their tire pressure level from within the comfort of the car cabin.
chances for the tire deformation will increase, subsequently decreasing a tire life expectancy
Tire explosion for high pressure or hole in tire (picture)


Alarm Quickly leak air (picture)


Alarm Nail puncture tire (picture)


If Pressures in tires are not identical, vehicle is under unbalance and slid. (Picture)


Voocaro product advantage 

a) 100% wireless TPMS
b) 3 minutes easy to install
c) compact,
d) lightweight,
e) also easy read out,
f) Compact TFT display.
g) Wireless LCD tyre pressure warning system for truck
h) 100% DIY installation
i) Suitable for the 10, 14,18 wheels truck
With TPMS, car owner can save up to 10 percent on fuel consumption, extend tire life span for up to 13%, improve driving safety.



Internal horn volume:65~80 db
Working voltage:9V - 15V
TPMS sensor working temperature:-40~100 degress Celsius
Display temperature:-20~70 degress Celsius
Temperature Precision:3 degree Celsius.
Pressure Precision:0.5bar (1.5PSI)
Working power:< 1.5W
Working frequency:433.92 MHz
Transmitting distance:> 15 meters
Pressure range:100~1400KPa
Freescale semicondauctor: 
anti-theft: YES

1).External Sensor of TPMS Features 

Motion Detection extend battery lives
The motion detection utilizes an external low cost piezoelectric ceramic transducer to detect motion.
 to reduce current consumption, if system is not in use, the motion sensor interface shall be shut down by a library routine.
315, 434, 868 and 915MHz with typically an ASK/FSK modulation scheme.
TPMS RF bands are typically 433 MHz in Europe.

Weight (not include valve):22g
pressure measure range:0---350Kpa;
pressure tolerance:0 kpa(25)
temperature measure range:-40--85 degress Celsius
temperature tolerance: 
working temperature:-40---85 degress Celsius
store temperature:-50---85 degress Celsius
working life:6 years


External Sensor of TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) (picture)



2).Monitor features

LCD:Colorful 2.8"
working voltage:DC12V
weight:81g (racks not included)
displayer working temperature:-20---85 
screen working temperature:-20---70
power supply:12-24V input


Monitor of TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) (picture)




monitor 1
Power adapter 1

 4 to 10

screw 4
User Manual 1


Accessories of TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) (picture)




If customers want special packing requirements we will do it according to customers.

Items per Carton: 40 Sets/Carton
Gross Weight: 20.0 kg
Carton size: 52cm X 45cm X 32cm
Retail box of TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) (picture) 







Q: Is this a 'Direct' or 'Indirect' system?
A: Direct TPMS.
Q: How does receiver get IDs from sensors?
A: The sensors and monitors are matched with a 7 character alpha-numeric ID.?
Q: Can sensors be stolen?
A: Sensors need special tool to remove. The sensors only work with the original matched receiver. Attempting to use a sensor with an unmatched receiver will not work.
Q: How robust are these sensors?
A: This sensors are tested against water, intense vibration, impact, long-term pressure & temperature cycling. They are also exposed to harsh chemicals commonly found on the roads just to make sure that they meet the demanding automotive requirements.
Q: What is the sensor's output power?
A: Most of our documentation mentions < 10mW EIRP which roughly translates to about 10dBm.
Q: What is the sensor's operating temperature range?
A: From sensor to receiver, they can operate between -30 to 145.
Q: Can the system detect the sensor correctly after tire rotation after service?
A: For this question / answer you should reference that this is the internal version of TPMS. It his would not apply to the external models as you would just unscrew the sensors, rotate the tires, and screw the sensors back on. ?
Q: Is it possible for sensors to interfere with one another?
A: Every sensor has its own ID matched with the supplied monitor. It is VERY hard to interfere with other sensors.
Q: How easy is it to install Voocaro TPMS?
A: (External Product) Zero cost for labor as there is no need for hard-wiring whatsoever. (Internal Product) Sensor should be installed by the professional.
Q: How frequent does it measure temperature & pressure?
A: Sensors receive data once every 5 seconds. Pressure or temperature changes make the sensors transmit information


a) Samples and small order will be delivered via express delivery
b) Big orders are usually delivered by sea.

OEM Service

OEM & ODM or any our ustomized roducts, we an esign or just tell us your requirement.
Any your design, idea and other intellectual property are under confidential Protection.


Credentialed Manufacturer 

a) Registered and approved by government agency.
b) More than 5 year experience for international business.
c) Top after sales service, no quibble. Your any complain and criticize are welcome.
d) Prompt despondence, quickly offer quotation

Leader for TPMS and TPMS sensor

Items per Carton: 20 Sets/Carton
Package Measurements: 60X40X35 cm
Gross Weight: 15.0 kg
Package Type: 1 set/retail box 20 sets/carton

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