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BT40-MTA2 Morse Taper Adapter

BT40-MTA2 Morse Taper Adapter

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If you are looking for China, CNC lathe, milling bt40-mta2 morse taper adapter clamping tool holder, or precision spring bt40-mta2 morse taper adapter CNC tools from professional China bt40-mta2 morse taper adapter manufacturers and suppliers and factory, please feel free to contact Qingfeng Machinery.BT40-MTA4 morse taper Adapter        BT40-MTA5 morse taper Adapter      BT50-MTA1 morse taper Adapter       BT50-MTA2 morse taper Adapter        BT50-MTA3 morse taper Adapter      BT50-MTA4 morse taper Adapter     BT50-MTA5 morse taper AdapterMin. Order: 100 Piece/PiecesUnit Price: 2.5~10 Productivity: 30000 piece/pieces per MonthPackaging: plastic bags or wooden caseDelivery Time: 30 DaysPlace Of Origin: JiNingBrand: QinfengSupply Ability: 30000 piece/pieces per MonthCertificate: DIN ISO JIS ANSIProduct DescriptionBrief introductionBT-MTA Morse taper milling tool holder, suitable for clamping type DIN228-1A with flat tail Morse tool holder. high speed and high precision machining .Mechanical spindle and cutting tools and other accessories.High Precision BT shank Tool Holder ,balanced G6.3 or G2.5 For choose.BT Tool Holders for mechanical spindle and cutting tool and other accessory tool connection. Is a simple, popular spindle shank connection standard, mainly BT30 BT40 BT50... Etc.. Mold industry, and high-speed engraving machine, used more.Specifications1. High quality elastic steel material with long use time.2. Shank of the Morse Taper Collet chuck MTB1/MTB2/MTB3/MTB4/MTB53. The precision little than 0.01mm with balance 10,000rpm. Higher precision also can be made by your demand.4. Holder hardness:48-55HRC5. The protrusion length is difference from 20mm to 200mm.Model          CT40XMS.NO.T-L1LDD1Wt(Kg)BT30XS1-4593.42531.750.55BT30XS1-5098.4320.60BT30XS1-60108.40.90BT30XS1-80128.4400.90BT40XS1-45110.42544.251.20BT40XS1-50115.41.25BT40XS1-120185.41.50BT40XS2-50115.4321.55BT40XS2-60125.41.65BT40XS2-120185.41.78BT40XS3-70135.4401.80BT40XS3-75140.41.90BT40XS4-90155.4482.30BT40XS4-95160.42.40BT40XS4-135200.42.50BT40XS4-165230.42.65BT45XS1-120202.82557.151.90BT45XS2-120202.8322.30BT45XS3-120202.8402.40BT45XS3-140222.82.60BT45XS4-98180.8482.40BT50XS1-45146.82569.854.10BT50XS2-50151.8324.00BT50XS2-60161.84.20BT50XS2-120221.84.30BT50XS2-135236.84.35BT50XS3-65166.8404.20BT50XS3-75176.84.30BT50XS3-120221.84.40BT50XS3-135236.84.46BT50XS3-150251.84.68BT50XS4-85186.8484.80BT50XS4-95196.85.00BT50XS4-180281.85.80BT50XS5-105206.8635.00BT50XS5-108209.85.06Application scope: suitable for clamping type DIN228-1A with flat tail Morse tool holderProducts advantages1. axis precision, can reach 20000rpms speed, but will not increase the pressure on the axis of the machine. Double tool life, improve the core of life, high quality surface polishing.2. Accurate and precise concentricity can extend the life of cutter, the coolant can be directly through the chuck flow tool, products amounted to or exceeded the ANSI standard.3. Have high flexibility of the ER collet series, does not need to be replaced chuck, and it can be used for drilling, reaming and milling and tapping screws processing program, also do not affect the accuracy. Handle attached to DIN coolant holes; balance has chuck, axis and tool life compared with the general chuck durable, productivity higher; thread through hole design allows the coolant is flowing, when to stop using available bolt blocked via holes.4. ER Collet series using has heat treatment and grinding the special stainless steel material manufacture, has high precision, high clamping force and persistence collet can clip to a specific range of specifications. Can be used in boring, milling, drilling, tapping hole etc..
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