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BT30-FMB22 Face Milling Holder

BT30-FMB22 Face Milling Holder

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If you are looking for China,Website:http://www.qfmh-tool.com, CNC lathe, milling bt30-fmb22 face milling holder clamping tool holder, or precision spring bt30-fmb22 face milling holder CNC tools from professional China bt30-fmb22 face milling holder manufacturers and suppliers and factory, please feel free to contact Qingfeng Machinery.BT40-FMB27 face milling holder         BT40-FMB32 face milling holder         BT40-FMB40 face milling holder         BT40-FMB50 face milling holder         BT50-FMB16 face milling holder         BT50-FMB22 face milling holder         BT50-FMB27 face milling holder         BT50-FMB32 face milling holder         BT50-FMB40 face milling holder         BT50-FMB50 face milling holderMin. Order: 100 Piece/PiecesUnit Price: USD 2.5~10 piecePayment Type: T/T,L/CTransportation: Ocean,AirProductivity: 30000 piece/pieces per MonthPackaging: plastic bags or wooden caseDelivery Time: 30 DaysPlace Of Origin: JiNingBrand: QinfengSupply Ability: 30000 piece/pieces per MonthCertificate: DIN ISO JIS ANSIProduct DescriptionModelL1DdBT30×FMB22-45455022BT30×FMB22-60605022BT30×FMB27-45456027BT30×FMB32-45457832BT40×FMB22-45454822BT40×FMB22-60604822BT40×FMB22-1001004822BT40×FMB22-1501504822BT40×FMB22-2002004822BT40×FMB27-45456027BT40×FMB27-60606027BT40×FMB27-90906027BT40×FMB27-1051056027BT40×FMB32-45457832BT40×FMB32-60607832BT40×FMB40-60608940BT50×FMB22-45455022BT50×FMB22-90905022BT50×FMB22-1501505022BT50×FMB22-2002005022BT50×FMB22-2502505022BT50×FMB27-50506027BT50×FMB27-90906027BT50×FMB27-1501506027BT50×FMB27-2002006027BT50×FMB27-2502506027BT50×FMB32-50507832BT50×FMB32-90907832BT50×FMB40-50508940BT50×FMB40-90908940BT50×FMB40-1051059840BT50×FMB60-757514060Brief introductionBt face mill High Precision, used in the clamping of the cutter with the radial drive groove, such as the face milling cutter, the vertical disc cutter, the set type end mill, high speed and high precision machining .Mechanical spindle and cutting tools and other accessories.High Precision BT shank Tool Holder ,balanced G6.3 or G2.5 For choose.BT Tool Holders for mechanical spindle and cutting tool and other accessory tool connection. Is a simple, popular spindle shank connection standard, mainly BT30 BT40 BT50... Etc.. Mold industry, and high-speed engraving machine, used more.Specifications1. material:20CrMnTi2. hardness:56-583. precision taper less than AT34. carbon depth less than0.8mm5. pre-balance standard:G6.3 18000rpm,precision balance G2.520000rpm,25000rpm,30000rpm6. Surface roughness:less than0.157. Bore diameter jumping:0.0028. Surface hardness:HRC56-609. Process for subzero treatment and thermal aging treatment, improve the precision and stability of size10. Surface do coating processing, improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, improve the cleanliness, precision is more stable, more smooth surface, anti-rust, anti-corrosion effect is better, feel more comfortable, more beautiful appearance.Products advantages1. clip in the design of the site, to prevent vibration, clamping force, high accuracy.2. by cryogenic treatment, to ensure the quality stability, durability and no deformation, excellent wear resistance.3 . rigidity to improve, more durable, more productive.4. suitable for milling machine, can do heavy cutting, precision cutting use.5 . this special steel material is stable, not easy to deformation, has the advantages of not easy to crack, quenching hardening, electroplating coating.
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