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Prominent snow-cats

Prominent snow-cats

  • FOB Price:
  • US 1.00 - 500.00 /Set Get Latest Price
  • Order Quantity:
  • 5-50000 /Set Get Latest Price
  • Business:
  • production line,lab equipment
  • Export:
  • 51% - 60%
  • Volume:
  • US$5 Million - US$10 Million
  • Address:
  • 6-1-2103, Hengda Famous City, 66 Wenhua Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China (Mainland)

Product Detail

Quick Details
  • Use For:cargo
  • Driving Type:electric
  • Power:501 - 800w,400-800
  • Voltage:48v
  • Body Type:open
  • Certification:ce
  • Brand Name:prominent
  • Place Of Origin:hen,china Henan China (mainland)
  • Model Number:phm 650w P
  • Size:1200 *1800 1300
  • Color:arbitrarily
  • Battery Voltage:12v
  • Use:snow-cats
  • Species:snow-cats
  • Exterior:paint
  • Authenticate:ce

snow-cats Features


Prominent founded in 2009, with a total investment of 20 million yuan. Over the past decade, under the leadership of the provincial and municipal levels to help guide through the Yum staff of hard work, the company has grown to become the largest passenger Hebei, snow-cats goods and one of the large brick special vehicle manufacturer, under the company involved five rooms, two, four plants. Five: Production, Purchasing Department, Sales Department, QC, import and export department; two-compartment: office, finance office; four plants: the frame, axles, car bucket assembly. The total area of 73,000 square meters enterprises. There are 153 employees, including senior management staff of five people, college degree or above 8, intermediate professional titles four.

 1200 *1800 1300


snow-cats   species 


snow-cats use is divided into household type, cargo type, factory-type models. Because different applications, technology is not the same criteria used for household electric tricycle, is mostly a side wheel motors, external frame (frame on the outside of the wheel), the structure of the car is not big shaft of light load generally about 200KG, motor generally 350-500W, battery 12V20AH battery, suitable for home and elderly means of transport. Also in the home with a large motor shaft (shaft after the bridge, also known as, Hou Liang, is the connection between the axles rounds tricycle, tricycles important part) good this car stability after two rounds in the motor home while driving start smoothly, but this is generally more expensive tricycle. We accept the design, customization, and processing. Assemble. Full set of accessories.



  battery maintenance

1. The loss of power under state longer idle time, the more serious battery damage. When the battery is idle, should be charged once a month, which can extend the battery life. 2 Model for PHM 650W P of snow-cats dedicated battery during use, a sudden drop in a short ten kilometers, is likely to have at least one battery set off a battery cell, electrode active material shedding short circuit. At this point, should go to a professional agency to check battery repair, repair, or with a group. . 3. Do not large current discharge. Large current discharge easily lead to lead sulfate crystals, to the detriment of the physical properties of the battery plates. . .



 Vehicle maintenance


Vehicle should be avoided on the air is humid, high temperature and corrosive gases, so as not to make the paint surface plating chemical corrosion of metal parts. Bike feel heavier when backwards and forwards within the implementation of the hub will have a slight friction sound are normal.



 Battery knowledge


The main impetus comes from the battery snow-cats, snow-cats battery for most lead-acid batteries, so battery life affects the distance traveled snow-cats. 1, the power loss is stored non-state power loss means no time after charging the battery. Loss of power in the state of storing the battery, it is prone to sulfate, lead sulfate crystals attached to the plates, plug the electric ion channels, resulting in insufficient charging, the battery capacity decreases. Loss of power idle state longer, more severe damage to the battery. Therefore, when the battery is idle, you should charge it once a month, so that the battery can better maintain a healthy state. 2, to avoid heating the charger output plug loose plug charging, the contact surface oxidation, and other phenomena can cause charging plug fever, fever too long will lead to a short circuit charging plug directly damage the charger, lead to unnecessary losses. When it found out that the case should be promptly removed oxide or replace the connector. 3, to prevent exposure to high temperature conditions may cause the battery to increase the internal pressure of the battery was forced pressure limiting valve automatically opens, a direct consequence of increased water loss of the battery, and the battery will inevitably lead to excessive water loss decreased cell activity, accelerating the plate to soften when charging case of fever, from the drum shell, deformation fatal injuries.



snow-cats troubleshooting


Model PHM 650W P of snow-cats vehicle maintenance includes checking all cars all screws, nuts are strong, the control performance is good, whether the tires need to be replaced, a mechanical system is good, the battery capacity is standard, brush motor maintenance once a year. Specific maintenance as follows: handlebar steering is reliable, if there is mutual handlebar and fork slip phenomenon; if serious slide. Needs to be replaced. handlebar steering is reliable, if there is mutual handlebar and fork slip phenomenon; if serious slide. Needs to be replaced. comprehensive commissioning vehicle, check the electrical control wiring for hidden faults, electrical cables for damage, if any should be excluded on the spot; replace if damaged or waterproof adhesive tape



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