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How to Use a Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge on a Bike

Author: Catherine | Published on Tue Jan 06 2015 | Views : 2247 Tire Reviews0


                                          Planet Bike Tire Pencil Pressure Gauge (Schrader Valve)


Pencil tire pressure gauge just looks like a pencil with a long and narrow body which are used to check air pressure in tires. Maybe car owners are much familiar with the pencil tire pressure gauge compared to the cyclist. Pencil tire pressure gauges are designed for the use with Schrader valves which are commonly found on motor vehicle tires, but are used only on some bikes. Bikes employ a type of valve known as a Presta valve. A valve adapter is required in order to use a pencil tire pressure gauge with a Presta valve. The Presta valves are much narrower and equipped with a nut at the tip of the body compared to Schrader valves. But do you know how to use a pencil tire pressure gauge on a bike when necessary? Below are the details of usage, hope would be helpful for you.


1. Unscrew the cap from the bike tire valve and put it aside for latter use. If the tire is equipped with Presta valves, loosen the nut at the tip of the valve as far as it leaves the valve. But if are with Schrader valves, skip this step directly to step 3 then proceed.

2. Thread the valve adapter onto the tip of it and tighten it completely.

3. Push the head of the pencil tire pressure gauge against the tip of the valve. Fill proper air in the tire will force the gauge from its housing. Then remove the gauge from the tire.

4. Remember the reading on the gauge closet to the gauge housing, this number is the current tire pressure.

5. Unscrew the valve adapter, if necessary, remove it from the tip of the valve. Then replace the cap on the tire valve. 

6. Please be noted, the pencil tire pressure gauge will monitor only up a certain tire pressure level. If the pressure in your bike tire goes beyond the maximum range of the pencil tire pressure gauge, the reading will not be accurate. Use a pencil tire pressure gauge that exceeds the maximum recommended tire pressure for your bike tire just to be sure.

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