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Q: What are the benefits of using LED Products?
A: LED Products contain no harmful gases or chemicals and will save your money on power costs as well as last thousands of hours longer than any other lighting alternative.


Q: Is 24VDC brighter than 12VDC?
A: Typically, no. The wattage and the efficiency of the LED determines the LED Brightness. We use efficiency LED watt per lumens ratio.


Q: Is the LED Flex Strip Dimmable?
A: Yes with certain type of dimming controllers and dimmable transformers. LED drivers (UL listed) can be dimmed with a optional dimming module on the low voltage side. MINGWEI Drivers are recommended for use Double-Bright and brighter LED Strips.


Q: How many effects of the RGB strip light?
A: As usual, every strip light have 8 effects, Color effects include but not limited to following:
    All color or less colors chasing from left to right, right to left
    All color or less colors flow from two terminals to center and from center to two terminals
    All color or less colors trail into left or right or two directions in turn
    All color or less colors spread to left or right
    All colors in jump, flash, queued, auto-cycle mode


Q: How many size of FPC?
A: FPC full name is Flexible Printed Circuit, have yellow color and white color, special color black or green . Normally, LED strip lights are made into single sided FPC and double sided FPC. All the  high voltage LED strip light are single sided FPC.
   12V LED strip light are made into the same size.
   3528 -- 8mm
   5050 -- 10mm
   5050 RGB -- 12mm
   High voltage 120V/220V LED strip light are made into different sizes.
   3528 -- 4mm 5mm
   5050 -- 6mm 8mm 10mm


Q: What brand of the chip?
A: All of LED strip light are made by high quality LED source, Epistar chip, also customized the lights for customers with CREE chip.


Q: What is the meaning of 48/leds and 60/leds?
A: That means each meter with 48 LEDs, 60LEDs, the more LEDs, the brighter.



Q: How do I cut rope light?
A: Use a sharp blade and cut at designated cut marks. Splice and PVC connectors allow cuts of rope light to connect, or use power cords and end caps to complete the run. Always cut rope light unplugged, and do not plug rope light in while it is still on the spool.


Q: Can I wire led lights straight to my motorcycle battery?
A: Yes, of course. You might want to use a fuse too, but its not 100% required.


Q: What RGB controller suit for 12v led strip light?
A: There are 3 different controller for 12v led strip light. 24-keys IR REMOTE CONTROLLER, 24-keys RF REMOTE CONTROLLER and WIFI CONTROLLER.


Q: What RGB controller for 120v/220v led strip light? How many function?


Q: I don’t like too bright, what should i choose for my room?
A: Dimmable led panel light is your good choice. Three colors, warm white, nature white and cool white, could change the light anytime and anywhere.


Q: When 1pc leds broken,how could i do?
A: When only 1pc leds went out, don’t wrong, all other LEDs are still on. Or change the unit led strip light, connect the new unit.



Q: What kinds of led panel lights you supply?
A: We offer the small power led panel lights, 3W~18W. Suitable for home, RV car and other occasions


Q: What's the delivery time?
A: 2-5 days for sample order, 7-15 working days for bulk order after receiving your payment and confirmed every details.


Q: What about the warranty?
A: We are very confident in our products, test twice before delivery, warranty last for 3 years and we pack them very well to make sure the goods in well protection.


Q: Is the product can be customized?
A: Yes. Cutomized item is available, OEM ORDER is welcome.


Q: Could i customized the packing ? Can I use my own packing?
A: Yes, we offer the customization service. You could have your design with your logo.


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