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About Hunter Tire Balance Machine

Author: Maisie | Published on Fri Apr 03 2015 | Views : 7421 Tire Reviews0

When you want a road force balance services, there are so much products in the market, you should know what is good. So now we will introduce a product named Hunter Road Force Touch. We can provide road force balancing to customers from our website. 

We want your tire to be changed using the best equipment available, which is why use the Hunter Auto 34. This tire changer promises no rim contact, ensuring your wheels remain in the condition they came to sell.

What is Road Force Balancing?

Road force balancing means the even distribution of mass in a tire and wheel assembly. While tire balancing measures the imbalances, road force balancing detects the up and down motion of the tire. Road force balancing machines help to detect bulges and hard spots normally missed by regular tire balancing machines.

When your tire is imbalanced and wheel assembly, the tire will start to wobble as it rotates. This wobbling leads to vibrations that will increase with speed. Ignoring the vibrations the come with imbalance can cause abnormal tire wear and put strain on suspension system components.

Experts use intuitive Hunter equipment to identify the position and amount of imbalance in your passenger or light truck tireand wheel assemblies. The Hunter Road Force Touch uses a type of road test, applying up to 1250 pounds of force against the rotating assembly. The Smart Weigh Balancing technology helps to improve tire balance by minimizing weight usage and maximizing productivity. Within mere minutes, Hunter Road Force Touch pinpoints the root of the problem.

1. Wheel imbalance 

2. Wheel run-out

3. Force variation of the tire

4. Mounting errors

5. And other issues




The machine then transmits the necessary corrections to a diagnostic screen so our staff can make precise corrections to ensure your wheels are properly balanced.

Hunter Road Force balancing equipment will provide an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle. The Hunter Road Force Touch is guaranteed to perform a tire balance test faster than a traditional balancing equipment. It solves vibration problem, identifies vehicle pulls, ensures proper centering, and eliminates setup errors in order to provide a new car ride to your vehicle.


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