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Learn To Use A Coats Tire Balancing Machine

Author: Maisie | Published on Fri Apr 03 2015 | Views : 1995 Tire Reviews0

In 1947, coats has been designing cutting-edge models of tire equipment. Recently, the coats balancer is considered one of the best-built high-speed balancers in the world. A tire balancer is used to even out the weight between the tire and wheel so the doesn’t shake, rattle and roll down the road. Many models of the Coats balancer are used in the automotive field today. There are many balancers such as car, truck and big rig tire balancers. Many of the tire balancers also have many differences. 




How to use a coats tire balancing machine

1. Find all the parts that the balancer is equipped with. The balancer should have centre cones that will be placed over the shaft and into the centre of the wheel to centre it on the balancer. It will also have a large centre nut which is used to hold the wheel on the balancer tightly. There is a pullout ruler attached to the machine near the shaft that will determine the back setting of the wheel. Lastly, the balancer has a measuring tool that looks like a big C clamp with numbers on it. This tool is used to measure the width of the wheel.

2. Put the tire and wheel combination over the shaft of the balancer and use the correct size cone to centre the wheel on the shaft. Install the large nut over top of this and tighten well by hand.

3. Find on the screen of the balancer the location to enter information that the balancer needs to do the job. Enter wheel size, width and backside distance.

4. Input the wheel size that you can find on the sidewall of the tire into the balancer computer. This is the last number in the tire size, i.e.; 13, 14, 15, etc.

5. Input the backside setting by pulling the measuring tool out to the backside of the rim and enter the information.

6. Measure the width of the wheel with the large C clamp measuring tool and enter the information into the computer.

7. Close the protective cover of the balancer, and the wheel should start spinning. If the balancer does not start spinning automatically, look for a start button and press it.

8. Make sure the number shown on the balancer with the proper amount of weight needed and install the wheel weights by hammering them into place on the wheel using the tire weight hammer. Generally, you will install the proper amount of weight the machine calls for at the top of the wheel. Find a line on the balancer to confirm the location the weights are to be installed. Many of the Coats models are equipped with a flashing light system to show you the location to add the wheel weights.

9. Spin the tire again and adjust the weights based on the numbers on the screen. Once you have correctly balanced the tire, the balancer screen will show “oo” on each side.


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