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The Review On Doran 360TM TPMS

Author: Maisie | Published on Wed Mar 25 2015 | Views : 2013 Tire Reviews0

“TPMS” is the abbreviation for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. TPMS have been available in certain cars for decades, and have been required in new cars in the U.S. since 2007.

The Doran 360M Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a reasonably priced, motorcycle-friendly, assemblage of hardware and software. The system consists of wheel-mounted sensors and an LCD display. The combination lets you know at a glance what the air pressure values for each tire, and also alerts you, in real time, to pressure problems when they occur.




Doran 360TM Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Advantages

1. Minimizes Tire Repair and Maintenance Costs.

Expenses for roadside tire calls, premature tread wear, fuel and maintenance labor decrease when optimum tire pressures are maintained.

2. Simple Installation and Operation.

12-Volt hardwire installation of the display and programming/mounting the wireless sensors is estimated to take approximately one hour per truck and trailer.

3. Multiple built-in alarms.

Built-in alert provide warnings to protect against FastLeak events and driving on low tire pressures or high temperatures which help to prevent on-high way catastrophic tire failures and minimize downtime.

4. Durability. 

Designed for the extremes of the road and the changing weather conditions of driving coast to coast.




FAQs about Doran 360TM TPMS

How easy is it to install the Doran 360TM Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

Programming and installation are very simple. No tools are required. Expected installation is estimated to take approximately one hour. 

How big is the monitor for the Doran 360TM tire pressure monitoring system?

Our new monitor is more compact than our previous product and is 30% smaller than other competitive models. The size is similar to a standard chalkboard eraser. The dimensions are width (5.75") x height (2.25") x depth (1.00"). For the Doran 360TM「, the size is similar to a jeweler's ring box. The dimensions are width (1.75") x height (2.00") x depth (1.375").

How much does the monitor weigh?

A. The monitor weighs approximately 5.5 ounces, similar to a cell phone. Foe The Doran 360TM, the monitor weighs approximately 2.3 ounces, less than a “C” cell battery.

Will the monitor display each tire’s pressure or will it simply indicate a low pressure warning?

The Doran 360TM tire pressure monitoring system was designed with a "Green Means GoodTM" indicator light, which lets the driver know all of the tire pressures are within the specified range. The operator can see each tire's pressure by using the four-way navigational buttons. In addition, there are multiple alarm types that are built-in to the system to make the driver aware of any tire pressure issues.





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