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Tire Comparison Reviews: What Tires You Choose?

Author: Maisie | Published on Wed Mar 04 2015 | Views : 2077 Tire Reviews0

Tires are really a major investment, and when a drivers need to make decisions about which tire to buy. Choosing a replacement tire can be a difficult thing for vehicle owners because there are so many choices, and tire buyers sometimes sound an awful lot like used-car salesman. The simplest solution is to buy the same tires your car came with, and that’s a good option--after all, the engineers designed the suspension to match the OEM rubber. 

But what if you want, just like more cornering grip or would like to save a few bucks? What do you get if you upgrade to larger diameter wheels? Now what? To solve this question, we tested different types of tires--high-performance, low-rolling-resistance and the cheapest set we could find. 


Michelin MXM4 205/55R-16 The MXM4 has the latest technology, it posted the best lateral day grip, a result we didn’t expect. In other tests, the tire was competent--typical for this genre. And don’t believe the “all-season” name--they’re okay in light snow, but you’ll need snow tires for serious powder. In addition that these tires rode quietly and offered the smoothest ride of the group. With good overall grip and predictable handling at the edge of the handling envelope--wet or dry--this class of tire would be the right choice for most people most of the time.





Michelin Pilot Sport AS+ 205/55R16 Stepping up the performance ladder a notch or two lands at a tire like the Pilot Sport AS Plus. It’s meant it has high-end sports cars who want extra precision and grip, but not at the expense of bad-weather traction or reasonable wear. By small tests, the tire outperformed the all-season in nearly every category and simply felt sharper. So it was more fun to drive. There are uneven higher-performing street tires--like the Pilot Sport PS2--but they’re more expensive and wear out sooner, especially if you frequently explore the outer limits of the tire’s performance envelope.





Michelin Pilot Sport AS+ 225/45R18 That’s called a plus-two fitment. In theory, you get more grip from the extra rubber, as well as that all-important aura of style. In reality, sometimes this works. A lower profile, wider tire realizes all its benefits only in conjunction with upgraded suspension that can keep the extra rubber flat on the road. If we had tuned the suspension on the Bimmer to keep the tires more square to the pavement, no doubt the raw cornering numbers would have been better. Bottom line: Be sure your suspension and driving skills are up to cashing the checks that upsize tires and wheels can write.





Bridgestone Ecopia 205/55R16 Because the Ecopia EP100 advertises lower rolling resistance, which increases fuel economy slightly. This compromise is reduced grip through the entire testing regime. You can save your money because these low-rolling-resistance tires are intended to stretch a gallon of gas as much as 5 percent. It’s achieved by using different construction internally and a new class of rubber compounds with less internal friction. 




Low-Cost Alternatives

Republic Enterprise 205/55R16 If you only want to buy the cheapest tire in your size. In all fairness, the counterman tried to up-sell us to a Kumho tire that was only about $25 more expensive. For that hundred bucks extra, we should have listened. Bottom line: We’d rather buy used tires, if we were that desperate. Sure, the numbers weren’t terrible, but the lack of precision could make a sketchy evasive maneuver difficult for drivers of average skill.





In fact, we’re not picking winners here. The point is that different tires have different performance envelopes and  are more suited to different vehicles, climates and driving styles. Most people with normal cars will be best off with a tire of the same category as the original-equipment tire. 

But also you can improve tire performance by going to a high-performance tire, but you should know more about tires, so I hope this article can give you a little help.



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