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TOP 10 Cheapest Priced Tires

Author: Maisie | Published on Wed Feb 25 2015 | Views : 2358 Tire Reviews0

Are you looking for the cheapest priced tires for your vehicle? Now we listed below ten of the cheapest tires on the market today. All ten tires are suitable to the most common tire fitments of 205/55R16. 

All of these tires are very cheap, but are not cheap tires in the sense of poor quality. It makes no sense to mount a new no-name tire that will save you $10, only to have the tread separate or blow out after 1,000 miles. Not only will it cost you more money, but it can also become a potentially dangerous situation out on the highway. List appears in no particular order. You can find the details from below information about tires.

Kumho Solus KR21

This tire is designed to save you money on new tires, which combines a smooth quiet ride to go with confident all-season handling and traction. This touring all-season model is developed for all types of coupes, family sedans, minivans, SUV’s and other vehicles. KR21features dry and wet traction. And its steering response is impressive and ride is very quiet and comfortable. What’s the most important is that low costs offers great value.




Sumitomo Touring LS

The touring LS is engineered to provide all-season traction in dry, wet or even winter conditions, while also providing a comfortable ride and long lasting treadlife. This tire is designed for drivers of coupes, sedans, crossovers and minivans, the LS is available in T, H and V-shape rated sizes.

Touring LS has many advantages such as excellent dry, wet and snow traction, comfortable riding, outstanding warranty and good value for the money. 




General G-Max AS-03

General tire is known for making some very good performance tires, and the G-Max AS-03 continues down that same path. Designed for sport coupes and sedans, this tire is developed for year round all-season driving, including snow. As we all know, this tire has high cornering grip and higher speed handling, and tredawear is good for a high performance tire.




Fuzion Touring

All-season touring performance and a quiet ride highlight what you can expect from the Fuzion Touring. This tire does pretty well in winter weather and overall traction and handling is good. Treadwear is better than average, and it comes with a 55,000 mile warranty.




GT Radial Champiro VP1

The GT Radial Champiro VP1 provide all-season driving performance to go with an extremely budget-friendly price. Designed for drivers of all types of coupes, sedans, minivans, and even smaller SUV’s, the VP1 offers an advanced tread technology and the versatility for everyday driving needs. This tire has very good dry and wet traction, and its lower rolling resistance is good for fuel efficiently. What’s more, it also has 40,000 mile warranty.




Kumho Ecsta PA31

The Ecsta PA31 is Kumho’s newest high performance all-season tire designed for sport coupes and sedan drivers. A new high-tech tread compound and directional tread pattern deliver increased grip on dry or wet pavement, while also providing increased steering response, cornering stability and braking capabilities. 




General Altimax RT43

General Tire has just launched its new Altimax RT43 in July 2013 as a planned replacement for the current Altimax RT and it looks like they have done a solid job with this upgraded model. This new tire is designed to deliver increased all-season traction and handling with a more comfortable ride and extended tread life for drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers.




Ohtsu FP6000 A/S

A silica-enhanced tread compound and what Ohtsu terms a next generation directional tread design is made to give this model an extended tread life and better overall performance on wet or dry road surfaces. Dual circumferential center ribs increase steering response and provide increased stability when driving at higher speeds.




Westlake SA07 

The Westlake SA07 is built to provide higher performance when you want it, but also give you a smoother and more comfortable ride for those times you need it. Designed for drivers of sport coupes, sedans and crossovers, the SA07 is budget-priced as well.




Goodyear Eagle LS

An all-season tread compound is combined with a symmetrical tread pattern and Goodyear triple tread block geometry to provide enhanced handling on dry or wet road surfaces. The rounded shoulders and larger outer tread blocks increase cornering and add quicker steering response.





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