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How to Change Flat Tires Yourself

Author: Catherine | Published on Thu Dec 18 2014 | Views : 2449 Tire Reviews0

There is no absolutely safe in our daily life, the same as vehicle. Every car can have slight problems, like after being used for a long time, the tires might get old and become flat. In this circumstance, you need to replace or fix the tires by yourself. Imagine this, you get a flat tire or tire explosion while your car is running outside city, it’s hard to find a mending place, you have to do it on your own. But what should be paid attention to when you change your flat or old tires? There are several aspects you should keep your eyes open while fixing your tire.



1. Find somewhere safe

One important thing when changing your tires is to find a safe place. Cause you can still drive your car for a few miles even you got a flat tire. So you must choose a safe place to fix your tires in order to avoid some troubles caused by some blue hand drivers while you are mending.

2. Pull up the parking brake

As mentioned above, the car can still move with a flat tire. So the owners should make sure to pull up the parking brake a little bit harder while park your car, to stop the car from moving back and forth because of impetus.

3. Car jack

To find the steel pivot point of the flat tire. Do not prop beneath the door. This pivot is somewhere outside the margin for 10cm and then put the jack under it. And please be sure to place the jack straight, or you have to lower the car body again.


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