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Tire Industry Management Conference Was Held in Shanghai

Author: Maisie | Published on Wed Dec 17 2014 | Views : 2767 Tire Reviews1

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  On Dec. 2,2014, the tire industry, related industry and correlated industries(export) work conference was held in Shanghai.

  The correspondent knew from the meeting, in the face of current severe situation of production and operation, around the topic of brand construction and green development, easing the product structure excess, inhibiting the falling prices and dealing with trade protectionism, some leaders from the China Rubber Industry Association, Aeolus Tires, Double Coin Tires, Birch Forest Giti Tire, Rubber Valley Group and Wisdom into software technology co.LTD. of Zhengzhou city, all shared their views at the meeting.

  The president of the China Rubber Industry Association Yali Deng summed up the basic information of industry economic operation since 2014 at the meeting, and analyzed the trend of the industry in the view of macro economic operation.



  Yali Deng argued that the basic situation of industry economic operation was running smoothly, stability with mixture, but the industry still showed slightly growth since 2014.The most outstanding characteristic of the rubber industry production management was the increasing quantity with falling price.

   She pointed out that China’s rubber industry has entered a significant period of transformation and upgrading. In the future, the rubber industry would adjust product structure, raw material structure and market structure to realize a sustainable and healthy development.

  The meeting, nearly 150 people attending, was hosted by China Rubber Industry Association tire branch, Giti tire(China) investment co.LTD and Greatoo Inc. Since Dec.3, participants would visit or take part in an exhibition in Shanghai of the Eighth Asian Essen tire rubber technology exhibition and the 14th China international fair.   

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