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Who Is Going to Change the Mass of Wasted Used Tires Industry

Author: Catherine | Published on Tue Dec 16 2014 | Views : 2476 Tire Reviews0

CaoQingxin, six pieces of advice has been put forward by the General Secretary of Wasted Rubber in Comprehensive Utilization of China Rubber Industry Association recently.

These advice include subsidy policy, extension of producer responsibility, improvement of technology research and product added value, encouragement of the use of recycled rubber and export. And he put forward some solutions to a more healthier development in the future.

But some experts say, the entire industry has been a great mass for many years since wasted and used rubber were brought up. Can only these six advice solve all the problems completely?



Nowadays, there are over 1000 recycled rubber enterprises domestically, but only 100 of them keep an annual output around 10,000 tons. Besides, during the radial tire recycling process, the main measures are still depend on some sort of less secure equipment, so lead to a serious of problems of environmentally unfriendly, irregular taxation which pose a threat to the entire industry. 

For all these years, Ive been advocating weed out coal tar for the benefit of a sustainable development for the used tire industry. CaoQingxin said in an exclusive interview with Tire World Net recently. So far, there are few related people recognized this problem. The difference between developed and developing countries in the tire industry lie to the national policy and driving force of industry benefit.

More efforts need to be done from different aspects

Cao hopes that with the support of national policy, the recycling of wasted and used rubber tires can embark on a more healthier way in the future. 

According to the policy of developed countries, to establish a compensation mechanism of wasted and used rubber tires, encourage recycling wasted and used rubber tires and enhance the input of industry transforming.Some experts say, the situation now is very severe, but in order to well manage this industry, more efforts need to be done. 

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