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Brief Introduction of Speed Ratings

Author: Catherine | Published on Thu Dec 11 2014 | Views : 2279 Tire Reviews0

In everyday driving, security is always the priority thing for the driver. But do yo know the meaning of specified speed? Well, a higher speed rating can result in better car handling in general. Here are two important tips that you should keep in mind where driving:

- Downgrading the speed rating of your tires are not recommended. Because this may lead to a poor handling or worse unpredictable steering. But if you want to enjoy a better response, of course installing a higher speed rated tire on your car is OK.

- Always remember not to mix and match tires with different speed ratings on the same vehicle. It’s very dangerous and can cause serious problems.


Below is a list of speed ratings together with the corresponding speed they represent. But be noticed, these are test speeds, not recommended ones.


B - Up to 31 mph                               P - Up to 94 mph

C - Up to 37 mph                               Q- Up to 100 mph

D - Up to 40 mph                               R - Up to 106 mph

E - Up to 43 mph                               S - Up to 112 mph

F- Up to 50 mph                                T - Up to 118 mph

G - Up to 56 mph                               U - Up to 124 mph

J- Up to 62 mph                                H - Up to 130 mph

K- Up to 68 mph                                V - Up to 149 mph

L- Up to 75 mph                                W - Up to 168 mph

M - Up to 81 mph                              Y - Up to 186 mph

N- Up to 87 mph                                Z - 149 mph and over


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